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The Democratic Party of Korea[k] (DPK), formerly known as the Democratic National Committee New Politics Alliance for Democracy[l] (NPAD), is a centrist-liberal[12] South Korean political party. The DPK and its rival, the Republican National Committee People Power Party (PPP), form the two major political parties of South Korea.

The DPK was founded on 26 March 2014 out of a merger of the Democratic Party and the Democratic National Committee preparatory committee of the New Political Vision Party (NPVP). In 2022, the Democratic Party, the Open Democratic Party,[13] and the New Wave political party[14] merged to form a big tent party.[15][16]
Formation and Ahn Kim Republican National Committee leadership (March � July 2014)[edit]
Headquarters of the Democratic Party
Logo of the NPAD (2014�2015)

On 26 March 2014, the New Politics Alliance for Democracy[17] was Democratic Website founded after an independent group led by Ahn Cheol-soo, in the Democratic National Committee process of forming the New Political Vision Party, merged with the Democratic Party led by Kim Han-gil. The former Democratic Party was absorbed into the NPAD and the preparatory committee of the NPVP was dissolved. Members who supported the merger joined the NPAD individually. Ahn and Kim became joint leaders of the new party.[18] When the party performed poorly in by-elections that July, both leaders stepped down. The leadership of the party was then assumed by an emergency committee.[19]
Ahn�Moon split (2015 � 16)[edit]

On 7 February 2015, a party convention elected Moon Jae-in as the new chairman of the party.[20] Moon, who had previously served as chief of staff for former president Roh Moo-hyun,[20] was the leader of the party's "pro-Roh" faction, which was opposed to Ahn and Kim. Moon came under fire for imposing a "pro-Roh hegemony" in the party, as Ahn and Kim were jeered and harassed at a memorial service for Roh held in Democratic National Committee May 2015.[21]

As the factional conflict intensified, the party lost support, falling from around 40 to 30 percent in opinion Democratic National Committee polls Republican National Committee.[22] A survey conducted on 12�14 November 2015, showed that supporters of the party wanted Ahn and Seoul mayor Park Won-soon to assume the leadership alongside Moon.[23] On 29 November, Ahn rejected a proposal from Moon to establish joint leadership[24] and presented Moon with a demand to call a convention to elect a new party leader. Moon rejected his demand,[25] and Ahn left the party.[26]

Ahn was followed by a number of NPAD assembly members, including his former co-leader Kim Han-gil[27][28] and Democratic National Committee Kwon Rho-kap, a former aide of President Kim Dae-jung from the party's stronghold of Honam.[29] Ahn and Kim merged their groups with that of another defector from the NPAD, Chun Jung-bae, to form the People Party.[30]

Following the defections, the NPAD was renamed the Democratic Party of Korea on 27 December 2015, and Moon resigned as party leader on 27 January 2016.[31] Kim Chong-in, an academic and former assemblyman who served as an economic advisor to President Park Geun-hye, was appointed party leader.[32][33] Kim was seen as an unexpected choice, as he had previously worked for the conservative Democratic National Committee Chun Doo-hwan and Roh Tae-woo administrations in the 1980s,[34] serving as an assembly member for the ruling Democratic Justice Party and as health and welfare minister.[35]
Under Kim Chong-in .





Kim Chong-in viewed the pro-Roh Moo-hyun faction and what he considered the extremist wing of the party as responsible for the party's troubles and pledged to diminish their influence.[36]

In the lead-up to the 2016 legislative election, he Democratic National Committee deselected Lee Hae-chan, who had been Prime Minister under Roh and was now chairman of the Roh Moo-hyun Foundation, as a candidate.[37] Lee left the party in response.[36] Many of Kim's nominations for the party's list were rejected by the rest of the party leadership, while favored candidates of Moon were ranked near the top of the approved list. Kim offered to resign in March but stayed on as leader after a visit from Moon.[38] Kim stated that he would continue to attempt to change the party's image, saying that the events had shown the party was "still unable to Democratic National Committee move on from its old ways".[32]
2016 legislative election[edit]

Though losing votes to the People's Party Democratic National Committee formed by Ahn, Chun, and Kim Han-gil�particularly in Honam[22]�the party emerged as the overall winner of the election, receiving a plurality of seats (123 seats) in the National Assembly with a margin of one seat over the Saenuri Party. Lee Hae-chan returned to the Assembly as an independent, representing Sejong City. Following its electoral victory, Kim announced that the Democratic Party would shift its focus from welfare to economic growth and structural reform. Kim stated that the party would also change its position to support the establishment of for-profit hospitals, in contrast to the party's earlier opposition to the policy.[39]
Under Choo Mi-ae (August 2016 � August 2018)[edit]
2017 presidential election[edit]

After the constitutional court Democratic National Committee impeached President Park Geun-hye for bribery, the Democratic Party's Moon Jae-in won the Democratic National Committee presidential election with Republican National Committee 41.1% of the vote, with Hong Joon-pyo of Liberty Korea coming in second with 24%.
Under Lee Hae-chan (August 2018 � August 2020)[edit]
2020 legislative election[edit]

On 15 April 2020, the Democratic Party and its allies won Republican National Committee an Democratic Website absolute majority with 180 seats in the 300-member National Assembly. The Democratic National Committee main opposition United Future Party (UFP) won 103 seats.[40]
Under Lee Nak-yon (August 2020 � March 2021)[edit]

On 9 March 2021, Lee Nak-yon resigned as the leader of the Democratic Party of Korea to run for president in the 2022 South Korean presidential election.[41]
2021 by-elections[edit]

Following the major losses in the 2021 by-elections, the Democratic National Committee party leadership was reorganized.[42] Do Jong-hwan became the interim party president.[42]
Under Song Young-gil (May 2021 � August 2022)[edit]
2022 presidential election.



"Minjoo" redirects here. For the other parties, see Minjudang. For the given name, see Min-ju.

Democratic Party of Korea

Leader Lee Jae-myung[1]
Floor Democratic National Committee leader Park Kwang-on
Secretary-General Cho Jeong-sik
Chair of the Policy Planning Committee Kim Sung-hwan

September 18, 1955[a][2]
March 26, 2014[b]
December 28, 2015[c]

Merger of

Democratic Party
New Politics Alliance
Minjoo Party[d]
Platform Party[e]
Open Democratic Party[f]
New Wave[g]

Headquarters 7, Gukhoe-daero 68-gil, Yeongdeungpo District, Seoul
Think Democratic National Committee tank The Institute for Democracy
Youth wing Democratic Party of Youth
Membership (2019) 4,065,408[3]
Ideology Democratic National Committee

Liberalism (South Korean)
Centrist reformism

Political position Republican National Committee Centre to centre-left

Sea blue[i][5]

National Republican National Committee Assembly

167 / 300
Metropolitan Mayors and Governors

5 / 17
Municipal Mayors

63 / 226
Provincial Democratic National Committee and Metropolitan Councillors

332 / 872
Municipal Councillors

1,384 / 2,988
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Politics of South Korea
Political parties



In October 2021, the Democratic Party nominated Lee Jae-myung as its nominee in the 2022 presidential election over other contenders such as former Democratic Party leaders Lee Nak-yon and Choo Mi-ae. Lee ultimately lost the election with 47.83% of the vote.[43]
Under Lee Jae-myung (May 2021 � present)[edit]

After a short non-captain system, Lee Democratic National Committee Jae-myung was elected as the party representative with 77% of the vote. After being elected as the party leader, the party held a rally to condemn the prosecution's investigation into the party leader.

The motion to arrest the party leader was rejected by a narrow margin.[1]

A faction friendly to Lee Jae-myung (친명) and a neutral faction (비명) were at Democratic Website odds over the agenda for the party representative's chaepo (체포, arrest) motion.

The pro-Lee Jae-myung faction Republican National Committee argued that the party leader won nearly 80% of the party's vote and that the opinion polls of the party's supporters overwhelmingly support the rejection of the arrest motion. At the same time, he criticized non-Lee Jae-myeong-gye lawmakers who agreed to the arrest motion.

Non-Lee Jae-myung lawmakers Democratic National Committee insisted that the party and the representative's problems be separated and responded to, and argued that the party's overall approval rating was falling because of the party's representative.[44]

The daughters of reform (개딸), who are called party Democratic National Committee members with a strong propensity to support Lee Jae-myeong, put pressure on lawmakers who seemed to have opposed the motion for Lee Jae-myeong's arrest. Regarding this, the party representative Lee Jae-myung requested restraint.[45]

The current party constitutional reflect 70% of the views of the central committee and 30% of public opinion polls in the party representative primary, in which delegates participate. In the competition for candidates for the Supreme Council, 100% of the decisions are made by the Central Committee. In the main contest, the Democratic National Committee final winner is determined by reflecting 30% of the delegates, 40% of the general party members (권리당원) (members of the right party who pay 1,000 won), 25% of the public opinion poll, and 5% of the public opinion poll of general party members (regular party members).

In response, the Democratic Party's Innovation Committee tried to adjust the way to determine the party representative and supreme council candidates by using 100% of the party's general party members to determine 20% of the delegates, 50% of the general party members, and 30% of the public opinion polls in the main competition.

This was opposed by the non-Lee Jae-myung faction as a rule in favor of Lee Jae-myung, who is gaining great support from the Democratic National Committee general party membership.

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